Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS)

Student Satisfaction Survey

Student satisfaction survey collects in depth data of a students' satisfaction with an educational institution. This survey consists of multiple choice questions that collect feedback about various aspects of the institution. The main aim of the survey is to upgrade and maintain the quality of Higher Education and make teaching learning effective.

Following is the analysis of the feedback received from the students:


  1. Most of the students were satisfied with college environment, teachers, teaching methods, evaluation system and other support facilities such as financial assistance/scholarships, career counselling facilities.
  2. Majority of the students demanded fully air conditioned seminar hall in the college.
  3. Some of the students demanded improvement in health care facilities.
  4. Most of the students were satisfied with the variety of co-curricular activities are being conducted in the college campus.
  5. Improvement in canteen facility was demanded by most of the students.
  6. Most of the students demanded outstation educational trips organized by the college.
  7. Aman