2 Best Practicies

      Best Practicies 

  •  Open interactive session is a best practice of the institution where students can come up and share their problems with the management members. It is a way to solve the problems faced by the students as soon as possible.
  • NCLP ( National Child Labour School) is the best practice of the institution.  The college is actively engaged in imparting primary education to the children belonging to the weaker sections of the society.
  • The college attempts to promote bottom up approach and for ensuring quality in education and to widen the horizons of the knowledge, an interactive session is being organized in the assembly once in a week. In this session the faculty members deliver their ideas on the current issues to the students so as to update them to the latest in the every field.
  • Various creative short term courses in different fields as per the interest of the students have been started in the college free of cost. Subjects of the short term courses are Home-Science , Cosmetology , Computer Science , Fine Arts , Music , Free Gym etc.
  • The college is also providing fee concession facility to meritorious students, that will encourage  them to excel in their field and get motivated to perform better ahead.
  • The positive approach of fee concession for poor and needy students is also a best practice of our college. The special concern is that they should continue their studies and become successful in their life.