SDP College for Women Organises 52nd Annual Athletic Meet amidst lot of Enthusiasm, Passion and Vigour(29-03-2022)

A magnificent 52nd Annual Athletic Meet was organized by SDP College for Women amidst lot of enthusiasm, passion and vigour. Sh Balraj Kumar Bhasin, President, SDP College & SDP Sabha (Regd.) was the Chief Guest for the Closing Session. Sh Rajinder Soi was the Guest of Honour for the morning session. He unfurled the college flag, took salute from a well synchronized March past contingents, and declared the meet open.

The members, who graced the occasion, were Sh H.K. Chugh, Gen, Sec., Sh Rajinder Soi, Sh Vijay Inder Gupta, Sh Dhari Shah Singla, Mr. Parveen Verma, Sh Rajinder Kumar Talwar, Sh Jasveer Chauhan, Principal and Dr. Sanjeev Bindra, Principal. The Chief Guest was accorded a very warm welcome by the Members of the Management and the College Principal, Dr. Ravi Kant. The students presented Aerobics exercises and cultural item like Giddha. Sh Balraj Kumar Bhasin, President addressed the students and motivated them to participate in sports. He also enlightened the students about the importance of sports and games in day-to-day life.

Sh. Balraj Kumar Bhasin, President and other dignitaries honoured the players and winners of various events with certificates and Cash prizes. Sh HK Chugh, Gen. Sec. thanked the guests for their benign presence.



Best Athlete: Samridhi Tiwari BA II

Best Player: Radha BA III

List of Prize Winners in different track and in-field Events

50m Race

Ist Samridhi BA II

IInd Harsha BA I

IIIrd Kritika B.Com III

100m Race

Ist Samridhi BA II

IInd Kritika B.Com III

IIIrd Meenakshi B.Com I

200m Race

Ist Samridhi BA II

IInd Meenakshi B.Com I

IIIrd Akki Rani B.Com I

400m Race

Ist Samridhi B.A. II

IInd Radha BA III

IIIrd Aarti BBA I

Spoon & Potato Race (50m)

Ist Kritika B.Com III

IInd Jyoti BCA II

IIIrd Isha BBA I

Rope Skipping Race (50m)

Ist Samridhi B.A II

IInd Kritika B.Com III

IIIrd Meenakshi B.Com I

Sack Race (50m)

Ist Palwinder B.Com I

IInd Samridhi B.A II

IIIrd Tanya B.A.B.ED IV

Fast Cycling Race (200m)

Ist Yukta BA I

IInd Akki Rani BBA I

IIIrd Sameena BCA I

Slow Cycling Race (50m)

Ist Sapna BA I

IInd Vedika B.Com III

IIIrd Ashleen Kaur BAB.ED II

Chatti Race (50m)

Ist Amisha BAB.Ed II

IInd Isha B.Com I

IIIrd Puja B.Com III

Teacher’s Race

Ist Ms. Sheenam

IInd Ms. Priyanka Arora

IIIrd Ms. Kavita Kumari

Three Legged Race (50m)

Ist Radha, Sujata BA III

IInd Baby and Vandana

IIIrd Vandana and Meenakshi