Under the guidance of Sh. Balraj Bhasin, President SDP College and Sabha (Regd.), the Fine Arts Department of SDP College for Women organized a ‘Kala-Mela 2018 Exhibition’ on 15th March, 2018 in the Fine Arts Department. Around 22 students of Fine Arts participated and exhibited their talent through Oil Paintings, Posters, Landscapes and Craft items made out of waste material.

    Ms. Manju Bhashinee, the Officiating Principal inaugurated the Exhibition. Dr. Ranjana Sood and Mrs. Nivedita Arora were the judges for the Exhibition. The Judges appreciated the efforts of the students and the Principal congratulated all the winners. Following is the result of the exhibition –

    1. Landscape Painting
    I Pooja B.A. II
    II Ranjana Jain B.A.III
    III Annie Jain B.A.III

    2. Composition
    I Sheetal B.A.III
    II Neha B.A.III
    III Simranjeet B.A.III
    3. Poster Making
    I Anjali Thakur B.A.III
    II Annie Jain B.A.III
    III Karamjit Kaur B.A.III
    4. Sketching
    I Sheetal B.A.III
    II Pooja B.A.III
    III Neha B.A.III
    5. Portrait
    I Sheetal B.A.III
    II Ranjana Jain B.A.III
    III Karamjit B.A.III
    6. Best out of Waste
    I Annie Jain B.A.III
    II Neelam Rani B.A.I
    III Neha B.A.III
    III Gaytari B.A.II
    7. Still Life
    I Sheetal B.A.III
    II Ranjana Jain B.A.III
    III Pooja B.A.II
    8. Clay Modelling
    I Karamjit B.A.III
    II Simran B.A.III
    9. Installation
    I Himanshi B.A.III
    II Neha B.A.III