• Teej Celebration

    DATE: 11 August 2017

    Teej was celebrated today with great conventional zeal, gaiety and fervour. The whole campus wore a festive look. The students attired in traditional Punjabi dresses and embellished jewellery pervaded the atmosphere. They also danced to the tunes of Punjabi folk and other songs. Contests like Mehandi, Jutti and Bangles were held on the spot.-Teeyian di Rani "a Punjabi Beauty Pageant contest was the special attraction of the festival. Students dressed in purely Punjabi costumes, decked with traditional Punjabi jewellery appeared gracefully on the ramp to participate in this contest. President, Sh. Balraj Bhasin felicitated the students on the occasion. Sh. S.K.Chugh’s sister, Ms.Anjana Arora,daughter-in-law Ms.Ridhi Chugh and daughter- in- law of Gupta family, Ms.Shama Gupta  graced the function with their benign presence. Officiating Principal Ms Manju Bhashinee  appreciated the efforts of the students.


    Giddeyan Di Rani                                                                     Mehandi Competition

    1. Simranjeet Kaur                                                             1.Teena

                                                                                                   2. Monica

                                                                                                   3. Pooja

    Bangles Competition                                                               Jutti competition

    1. Aanchal                                                                            1.Ramanpreet

          2.Simranjeet                                                                          2. Jasleen

          3. Tanya                                                                                 3. shivani

    Parandi competition

    1. Anchal
    2. jasleen
    3. Parul