Library & Reading Hall

A double storey fully computerised and well furnished library with reading room offers serene and congenial academic environment to its learners.

Multi Purpose Hall

Seminar Hall of the college is spacious, properly ventilated and fully equipped with ultra-modern audio-visual aids and is regularly used for the conduct of orientation programmes like seminars, workshops, extension lectures, etc.

Food For the Thought

A well stocked Library & Reading room with 30000 books, newspapers, magazines and journals cater to the academic and intellectual needs of the learners and enhance their skills and capabilities.

Fine Arts Lab

Fully equipped with latest equipments like easels, drawing boards, pedestal lights and computers imparts favourable and healthy environment and platform to students to explore their potentialities and hidden talent.

Computer Labs

Well maintained and fully air-conditioned computer labs with Hi-tech computers, laptops, UPS, Laser printers, LCD Projectors, Scanners, OHPs, Web-camera, and Digital camera, Broad-band Internet etc. ensure accessibility for each student.

Conference Hall

Newly built, well furnished and fully air conditioned conference hall is used for intellectual purposes/ activities on different occasions.

Fashion Designing Lab

The Fashion Designing Dept. having two labs replete with machines of all types, try rooms, display windows, stitch makers, over-lock machines and latest computers make work of designing, drafting, sketching, cutting, stitching, painting, printing, etc. accessible to the learners.

Music Vocal and Instrument

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm and gaiety to life and to everything"- Plato

Home Science Labs

Fully equipped with modern gadgets like microwave oven, cooking range, refrigerators, washing machines, sewing and embroidery machines attract students to learn and practice more.


Medical Inspection room i.e Dispensary, caters to the routine health check-ups and minor health related problems of the students. A highly qualified Doctor visits the campus regularly.


Physical fitness and mental agility are the needs of the time. To relieve stress and remain healthy, the college provides ample opportunities to students to join different games and Sports activities.

A state- of- the- art-gymnasium complete with joggers, exercise bikes and other fitness facilities keep staff and students mentally and physically fit & alert.

Girls Hostel (Home away from Home)

 A smart, homely and well furnished girls' hostel with all facilities like Recreation Room, Reading Room, TV and Common Mess provides clean & favourable environment & hygienic and wholesome diet to hostlers.


The College Canteen provides a variety of refreshments like snacks, juices, tea, coffee, etc . All food preparations are done in a hygene friendly environment.


Cosmetology department offers courses of self grooming regarding hair, skin and body for overall personality devleopment of the students. 


Our vibrant auditorium serves as a hub for student activities, hosting plays, musicals, assemblies, and graduation ceremonies. The intimate space fosters a sense of community and allows every audience member to feel connected to the performance.