Scholarships and Stipends

Quite a large number of students are given scholarships, stipends and financial assistance for purchase of books, payment of tuition and examination fee etc. out of the 'Students Aid Fund' and other funds at the disposal of the college. All Government & University Scholarships including scholarships under the Govt. of India, State Govt, and Post Matric Scholarship Schemes are available to Scheduled Castes/Tribes and students who are permanently settled in the Punjab State and pursuing their Post Matriculation studies. The prescribed application form and entitlement card which students are required to submit can be obtained free of cost from the college office. The Students should submit their application form and entitlement cards to the College along with their admission for onward transmission to the Director of Public Instructions Colleges, Punjab.

A. Govt. Scholarships

  1. National and State Merit Scholarships are awarded to the students on the basis of their performance in the annual examinations.
  2. Students expecting Government or Scheduled Caste Scholarships should join as early as possible as their scholarships are paid from the date of joining.
  3. Students belonging to Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Classes may apply for Central Government Scholarships on the prescribed form through the College Office.
  4. The students must be regular in attendance and their progress report should be satisfactory failing which their concession may be withdrawn.
  5. Students belonging to SC/ BC classes will contact the Scholarship clerk immediately after joining the college to complete their application for stipends.
  6. All students on rolls of the College are eligible for loan from the Government under National Loan Scholarship Scheme, provided the income of their parents is below Rs. 10,000/- per annum and they have obtained 50% marks in the University Examination. Such students will be required to fill in the necessary application form obtainable from the College Office immediately after the admission.
  7. Scholarships for financially backward students.
  8. Tuition fee will not be charged from the students whose parents were killed in November, 1984 riots and due to terrorist violence in the Punjab State.

B. P.U. Chd. Scholarships

  1. Award of '25' Late Dewan Som Nath Scholarship and '10' Late Radha Krishna Prem Kaur Stipends.
  2. Award of Two Scholarships of P.U. Soldiers Relief Fund.
  3. Milkhi Ram Sharma Scholarship.
  4. Ms. Udham Kaur Menon Edu. Scholarship.
  5. Dean College Development Council.

a. Means - Cum - Merit

b. Physically Challenged/ Divyang

c. Single Girl Child

e. Aids/Cancer Patient Scholarship

d. Sports Person

  1. Proformas of all above scholarships are available on P.U. Website


C. Non-Govt. Scholarship

1. Senior Citizens Scholarships Nehru Sidhant Kendra.

 2. Mittal Pandey Scholarships by Nehru Sidhant Kendra.

 3. Hanumant Seva Parivar Scholarships.

Special Note For S.C/ B.C. Students

  1. A student belonging to S.C./B.C. Category will have to submit her own Caste Certificate, Income Certificate, Bank A/c No., Xeroxed Copy of Adhar Card & Detail marks Card of previous year to get the benefit of freeship at the time of admission.

  1. A student shall be responsible for the loss/consequences in case the certificate is submitted late or not submitted duly filled in all respects.

  1. All the students admitted to various courses in college have an entitlement to various rights like Right to Education, Right to Services & Right to Information vide Acts introduced by Govt. of India & State Govt. of Punjab . They can have access to these Acts, uploaded on the college website & claim their rights as entitled citizens of the nation.

Special Classes for The Brilliant and The Weak Students/ Remedial Classes

Special arrangement is made for the students who are weak in studies. Extra coaching is provided to bring them at par with other students. Remedial classes are held under U.G.C. Aid Programme especially for S.C, B.C. & Minority Community.

Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour is awarded to meritorious students for their outstanding performance in Academics, Social & Cultural activities and Sports.


Students are given credit for high proficiency in Academics and outstanding ability in Co-Curricular activities. A student who fails or absents herself from any test in any of the subjects is not eligible for prize. Prizes in Academics will be given on the basis of performance in House Test & Final University Examinations.